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Name: One Continent
Address: Koskelonkatu 3 A 3, FIN-26100 Rauma, Finland
Business id: 2845119-6
Phone: +358 40 549 8382

Use of the register

Register includes customer information, which is needed for customer service and communication

Information content

Name, business-id, email, phone, address and other necessary information for customer service

Disclosure and transfer of information

Information will not be disclosured or transferred outside the organization, unless it is needed for order delivery


The service uses cookies. Cookies can be used for improving the service effectiveness or user experience. User may prevent the usage of cookies by changing browser settings

Data security

Digital information is secured with firewall, user name and password. IP addresses and emails are saved according to GDPR in a data secure hosting service provider in Finland

Right to check or forbid the informatkon

Incorporated has the right to check or forbid the usage of the personal information in the register

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